20 CRAZY facts about Thanksgiving and the month of November.

November, in my opinion, is one of the best months of the year!! Why? Well, there are a few different reasons why November is great.  First, it is when everyone starts getting ready for CHRISTMAS!!! You really start to feel the holiday spirit in your community and everyone starts to put up Christmas lights and trees.  Most importantly Christmas music is acceptable to play and listen to…. For the most part haha.

Second, Thanksgiving…… Let’s be honest it’s one of the two only holidays where it is 100% ok to eat until you need to be rolled back home, and no one will say a thing! I love eating so this is a holiday that I really look forward to.  Plus, you get to eat and mingle with great friends and family.

The third and final reason, holiday shopping.  I think everyone can agree once November comes we all start salivating for DEALS…. Not just any deals, deals we are willing to trample and kill people to get…. We start thinking of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Luckily Cyber Monday is a safer way to shop in November but large amounts of people still prefer to stand for hours and days in front of buildings so we can feel good about beating a little old lady to the TV’s just to rub it in her face.  Any other day of the year that would be probably be frowned upon lol.  But Black Friday has a long history of giving people deals of a lifetime both good and bad.

This website gives a list of 20 weird and crazy facts about November, Thanksgiving and Black Friday that could possibly make November even better…. or it might just make you feel in AW on how crazy people get during the month of November hahaha, ENJOY!


Good Eats of Forest lake!!

I am an AVID food person, so much so that every time you see me I am munching on something…… I love food 😆 and when a new restaurant comes into town I have to make it a point to go give it a try. There are two restaurants that recently opened up here in Forest Lake that I really have to give a shout out too.  Their food is AMAZING and I recommend everyone to give them a try too.

Image result for Ernies eatery

The first restaurant is called Ernies Eatery located at 143 Lake St. N Forest Lake, MN. This place was opened by a Forest Lake local and they serve healthy, fresh soups, salads, sandwiches, and wraps. Take a look at this review from Brian M. about their prime-rib wrap (which was also my favorite)

Reviewed June 14, 2017

I had the prime-rib wrap: wow, it was phenomenal! Taste, texture, ingredients–the best I’ve ever had. I WILL be going back to Ernie’s.
Fun, olde-tyme pop flavors. Great chips. Excellent service. Decent prices.
Yeah, the ambience is quite basic. I look forward to Ernie’s next place!

Check out this other review from Purelyhis:

Reviewed April 12, 2017 via mobile

Food and friendly service was excellent. They have a very tasty pretzel offered with multiple kinds of seasoning on top. We shared the Italian Seasoning one and a Saracha seasoned one. The menu board warns Saracha is ” hot”. The Saracha is definitely not for the sensitive tongue. We also shared a turkey, bacon, cheese wrap that was served warm with lots of flavor. All was delicious! The setting is that of a Sub Shop. The service was good and friendly- they took care that you had a good experience. They mentioned that soon they will have a special cutter so to create sandwiches out of the pretzels. We will be back… there was much more we wanted to check out on the menu.

All I have to say is NUM NUM NUM!!!!! Their food is delicious,  this place is definitely on my top 5 places to eat.  If you want to get to know a little bit more about Earnies Eatery and its owner visit their website here: https://www.ernies-eatery.com/.

Pi Pizzeria Forest Lake, MN

The second place I would like to mention is Pi’s Pizzeria located at 25 North Lake St. Forest Lake, MN.  I am a sucker for pizza….. It is one of my all-time favorite things to eat.  So when a new pizza place opens up near me I am the first person there.

Pi’s Pizza has a variety of options on their menu, from the obvious which is pizza to soups, salad, breadsticks and spaghetti, they even have a gluten-free option as well.  My favorite is the Magnum PI 22 (which is equivalent to a meat lovers at Pizza Hut, but in my opinion a lot better).  Take a look at a couple reviews given from the public:

Reviewed May 17, 2017 by Heidi B

Very delicious tasting pizza. Love their sauce! Good selection to choose from or you can build your own pizza. We had the handtosed crust, but the deep-dish seemed very popular. It looked really yummy! Awesome staff, very polite and welcoming.


Reviewed March 14, 2017 by tokanier

Went here on a weekday at dinner time. Were seated immediately. Were able to get a high top table next to window. Menu options are: appetizers, soup, salad, entrees, pizzas (hand tossed & deep dish) they offer soda, beer & wine. Ordered the special is the day, philly cheese steak pizza, hand tossed. The pizza was very good! I normally don’t eat pizza crust but this crust i loved. It is more a cracker crust crust vs a doughy crust. I will be back to try a 1/2 salad & the soup!

PI Pizza is fabulous and its a great place to enjoy lunch and dinner with a view of the lake.  I am deffinietly going to try that Philly Cheese Steak Pizza next time 😱 just the sound of it is making my mouth water!!  If you want some more info of PI Pizza click here: https://piforestlake.com/.

These 2 restaurants are just amazing and having them be locally owned by Forest Lakers is even better.  When you get the chance you have to try these out, you will NOT regret it.